Third-party accessory maker Nyko runs a small YouTube channel to show off their products, and they uploaded something odd a couple of days ago.

On 5th December they put up a video titled: Nyko Accessories for Nintendo Switch™ – 360 Video. The company makes a few accessories for the Switch, so a 360 degree video that allows you to look at them all makes sense. 

Well, that is until you press play. Instead of recorded video of the actual products, they’ve animated some bizarre CG replications of the accessories. The background looks like a 90’s wallpaper and the accompanying music is just erie

We’ve embedded the video below. Make sure you properly look around and remember to turn down the volume.

We’re not exactly sure why the video was made in this way. Maybe Nyko just wanted to do something different, maybe they were hoping it would get more attention if it was presented in this way, who knows.