If you have at least half an eye all things internet related, you’ll know that today is crunch time for net neutrality.

Later today, the United States Federal Communications Commission (FCC) is set to vote on whether or not to overturn regulations that guarantee users a free and open internet.

The move to overturn net neutrality has been spearheaded by the FCC chairman Ajit Pai, and would allow Internet Service Providers (ISPs) to charge clients different amounts of money in order to access different content – something they’ve been lobbying for quite some time now.

Naturally, Pai’s initiative has sparked a rather sizeable backlash. The groups protesting against the move include civil rights organisations, members of congress, internet pioneers Tim Berners-Lee and Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak.

It’s unlikely the protests will have any hope of changing Pai’s mind; the FCC under Pai has pretty much ignored the public outcry on ending net neutrality and held no public consultations ahead of today’s vote.

Perhaps to ram home the point that he couldn’t care less about what his critics say, Pai has seen fit to release a rather cringe-worthy video on the Daily Caller’s website, in which he smugly notes several things people will be able to do after net neutrality is ganked.

Take a firm grip on your temper before you hit play on the clip below. You may just want to put your fist through your screen as you watch it.

Yes, it appears that Ajit Pai seems to think that we’re all a bunch of idiots who only use the internet to post pictures of puppies, and not say, adults who are genuinely worried that a non-level internet playing field will cede more power to mega-corporations and drive start ups into the ground. Oh, the Harlem Shake? Get stuffed!