Of the hundreds or thousands of Overwatch 3D prints out there, Zarya is a hero that just doesn’t get that much love.

Luckily user “JohnMion” has come to this rescue with this miniature of the hero that stands at 12 centimetres tall.

When we spoke to JohnMion they told us that this print was made as a present for their daughter, and the process started with a rip of the character’s model from Heroes of the Storm.

From here it was imported into Blender so the pose could be fixed, as well as to separate Zarya herself from the Particle Cannon, as this would make printing and painting a lot easier.

After a failed test print highlighted some problems with the model, the pose was readjusted in Blender before going to Meshmixer and TinkerCad to make it more printer friendly.

This process was very similar to how this Azmodan print was done, which makes sense as it was the last project JohnMion worked on before this.

Once printed and the multiple supports were removed, it was painted with this range of paints and washes.

If you’d like your own miniature Zarya for your Overwatch collection, the files are free to download from Thingiverse.

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