HP’s 13- and 15-inch Envy notebooks and 2-in-1s set themselves apart from the herd of me-too portable PCs with quality and beauty, impressive power, and world-class after-sales support.

Their exceptional build quality is achieved with the use of premium materials, and their polished, easy-on-the eyes design balances size and weight with sleek looks and sturdiness.

This is supported by the kind of performance that makes Envy notebooks a pleasure to use on a daily basis, because HP believes an attractive laptop is only truly useful if it also boots quickly, delivers snappy apps and fast internet browsing, and lasts more than just a few hours on a single charge.

The Envy range comes equipped with the latest 8th-generation Intel processors, a combination of solid-state drives for the speed they offer and mechanical hard drives for their generous storage, various RAM configurations to suit the end-user’s purposes, as well as a selection of screen sizes and resolutions – including 4K.

Of course, a classy notebook should also sound really good, and to that end HP has chosen Bang & Olufsen’s world-renowned audio hardware to make the shows, videos, and movies Envy users watch as enjoyable as possible.

With so many useful and user-focused features, there’s an Envy for most business and personal uses.

HP Envy x360: Gorgeous and flexible.

On the looks side, the latest Envy range features Silk Gold and Natural Silver models. Envy 13/15/x360 models are all constructed from gorgeous metals (mostly aluminium) that are matte in places, and polished to a shine in others, offering an overall look and feel that’s incredibly classy. The “Silk Gold” Envy 13 model is for people who prefer gold’s shine to silver’s sheen.

With so much going for them, it’s easy to see that this is how Envy-branded portable computers deliver the brains, brawn, and looks that make their users happy. It’s almost unfair to the competition; HP Envy products are the computer equivalent of a human being smart, sexy, rich, and funny.

HP uses these striking looks and attractive specs to draw you in, then knocks you out with a further one-two punch made up of “lower than expected pricing”, and “excellent after-sales service and support”. Anyone can make a laptop and sell it, but not everyone can back it up with exceptional after-sales support that includes the option of extended warranties, pick-up-and-deliver options on repairs, and turnaround times of less than five working days from time of logging issues to them being resolved.

And that’s just another aspect of what sets HP’s Envy products apart. In this age of vendors all offering frighteningly similar products, it’s those who can differentiate themselves that will capture the hearts and minds of consumers, and that’s exactly what HP has achieved with its Envy range.

They are beautiful, powerful, affordable, and backed up by world-class support services. What’s not to like?


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