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Enter the Gungeon: Stuff the game doesn’t tell you (but we will)

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One of the biggest complaints levelled against Enter the Gungeon concern its shrouded mechanics which are never explained to the player, with some being so obscure they can still be missed after long playtimes.

With the launch of the game on the Nintendo Switch today, we’ve written this up as both an explanation of those mechanics as well as a general list of tips. We do recommend you try playing a few times blind so you can become familiar with some of the terms used here.

At this point we’ve put 200 hours into the game and it’s the first title that we’ve 100% in a long time, but a lot of what we learnt came from watching other people play on YouTube. While we don’t suggest watching a 136-part series on the game like we did, we do recommend that you do a bit of homework.

The last few sections of this story contain spoilers about end game and hidden content.

EDIT: This guide was written before the release of Advanced Gungeons & Draguns and does not contain any details about that expansion and its changes to the game.


  • Unlike guns and items, keys are not stolen off of the floor by the Resourceful Rat, so don’t worry about picking them up immediately.
  • Do not use any keys until you’ve explored every room in a level. This will allow you to make a better decision on their use and give you enough time to buy keys if needed.
  • If you have not picked up a key before finding the shop, one will always be available to buy.
  • If you did pick up a key before finding the shop, there is still a chance for one to spawn there, but it is not reliable.


Credit: Enter the Gungeon Wiki
  • A chest’s colour determines its rarity the overall quality of the loot inside.
  • The rarity is, from worst to best: brown, blue, green, red, black and rainbow.
  • Some chests will have a fuse that will destroy it if you do not open it with a key in time.
  • If you have a weapon or item that leaves water or poison on the floor, this will extinguish the fuse.
  • Every floor has a guaranteed two chests – one will contain a gun, and one will contain a weapon.
  • Sometimes special rooms with extra chests will spawn. The contents of these chests will be random.
  • Aside from fuses, chests can also be destroyed by shooting them. A destroyed chest has a chance to drop an item, and the most common is Junk.
  • Junk can be can be sold to the Sell Creep, but it also has some other uses.
  • Shoot a chest once with your starting weapon to see if it is a Mimic. When a Mimic is killed it drops whatever loot it has, but the difficulty of the fight increases depending on the chest’s rarity.

Shells and Hegemony Credits

  • Enter the Gungeon has two different currencies (neither of them can be bought with real money): Shells and Hegemony Credits.
  • Shells (also known as coins or casings) are earned by killing regular enemies and are used during a run.
  • Hegemony Credits come from bosses and are used between runs to unlock new guns and items in The Breach (the starting area).
  • You earn more Shells by killing all the enemies in a room without taking damage.
  • Both Shells and Hegemony Credits can be earned using some other methods and items. The NPCs Frifle and the Grey Mauser, for example, will award Hegemony Credits for completing certain objectives.


  • Killing a boss without being hit once will reward you with a Master Round, which grants you an extra heart container (a permanent health increase).
  • The BlobulinsBullatsShotgatsGrenats and Spirats can be killed by rolling into them. This will not damage you.
  • Keybullet Kin always drop a key if you can kill them before they vanish.


  • There’s an invisible stat called Curse. This stat starts at 0 and goes to a maximum of 10. Certain powerful guns or items will increase your Curse when picked up. The higher this stat is, the more Jammed enemies (stronger versions of regular enemies) appear.
  • If you reach 10 Curse, an unkillable enemy spawns for the rest of the game and follows you between levels. Don’t do this.
  • Like keys, hearts dropped on the floor will not be stolen by the Resourceful Rat.

Spoilers beyond this point


The Dragun is not the final boss or the end of the game

  • After reaching (and maybe defeating) the High Dragun, you may think you’ve beaten the game, but you have not.
  • If you want to finish the game as per the original quest – killing your past – you need to unlock the Bullet That Can Kill The Past, defeat the Dragun, and get to the credits with this item in your inventory.
  • After this you will have a final mission and a final boss to defeat, with success changing the past. Many consider this to be the real ending.
  • Each character, including the secret, unlockable characters below, have a past you can kill. Doing so also unlocks and alternative skin for the character.
  • Outside of this, there are three secret levels: the Oubliette, the Abbey of the True Gun and the appropriately named Bullet Hell.
  • Bullet Hell is the “real” final level of the game, and it’s incredibly difficult to beat, ending with another incredibly difficult boss.

The secret characters

  • Enter the Gungeon has two secret characters you can unlock: The Bullet and The Robot.
  • Both characters are difficult to unlock, especially The Robot. we recommend using guides to getting them.
  • The Bullet is the strongest character in the roster thanks to its ability to stop bullets. we highly recommend unlocking this character first (its also extremely fun to play).

There are literally hundreds of other points we could have included here, but these are the most important ones in my mind.

We highly recommend the wonderful Enter the Gungeon wiki if you want to learn more. We’ve been linking to this site throughout the article and it contains short guides to accomplish the topics we’ve linked to.