How much does a university degree cost in SA?

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University fees are at the heart of the ongoing #FeesMustFall student protests that have gripped South Africa since 2015.

With over half the population being classified as poor, the fact is that very few can afford a quality tertiary education in the country. Even for those not classified as poor, the tuition fees, books, accommodation, food, transport and other costs of sending a child to university can put quite a dent in the pocket.

So, how much can a parent or guardian expect to pay for a child registering for first year at university?

Collating data from the various universities is no easy feat, so it’s not easy to get an average estimate. However, fact-checking non-profit organisation, Africa Check, collected and drew up a list detailing how much tertiary education cost per student in 2016. Factoring in increase in fees, you’d add just below 10% for 2017 and again for 2018 to get a rough estimate for next year.

The table below lists prices for courses offered at 25 public universities in the country.

You can also find info on 2018 pricing on the website of the respective university you’re interested in.

[Source – Africa Check]