Our huge list of Overwatch 3D prints grows by one more today as Lucio joins in as a special miniature.

While most scaled down models are done in the hero’s default skin, maker Fotis Mint decided to go with the Hippityhop skin and a shiny gold paint job to match. 

We’ve been told that the modelling process was done in ZBrush as 35 separate parts that were merged into a final design. Like the official Overwatch models, and many other fan creations, this features a base with the Overwatch logo.

From here the printing itself took around 15 hours in SLA to produce a miniature 14 centimetres tall that was then painted by hand.

If you’d like a shot at making your own the files are available for free from MyMiniFactory. Just keep in mind that, if you’re printing with a regular 3D printer, you’ll need to increase the size if you want to keep all that detail.

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