If you’ve been disappointed by the lack of a Punch-Out!! title on the Nintendo Switch, an indie game called Pato Box has entered the ring.

In the description of the trailer embedded below, Mexican developers Bromio cite Punch-Out!! by name, calling Pato Box “an adventure/fighting game” inspired by that series.

Going by this trailer it seems the game won’t just entail straight boxing matches, but also some levels where you can wonder about and dodge lasers.

If you’re a bit confused as to what you saw, the official description explains it, sort of –

You play as Patobox, a boxing champion with a special distinction of having a duck’s head on a man’s body. He has been betrayed by members of Deathflock, the same company that has been sponsoring him during his career. Patobox will find retribution by hunting down Deathflock’s henchmen while discovering the dark secrets the company hides and the truth behind his treason one fight at a time.

The release is given as “early 2018” but you can play a free demo right now on PC by going to the game’s Itch.io page.

If you’re sold on it from there you can pre-purchase it on the official site for $13.50 (discounted from $15 until the end of the month). Keep in mind that this purchase is for the PC version, however.