Canon has released its Office Insights 2017 report which reveals the attitude of business towards digitisation in various regions including South Africa.

Perhaps one of the more interesting facets of the report is the local attitude toward cloud services. The report reveals that 48% of South African respondents worry about losing data in the cloud.

Only 24% of respondents agree with the statement that cloud based applications will become the norm.

The big question is why this is and Canon does have an answer:

“One of the results of this attitude is that that the rollout of mobile working has been slower in South Africa than in other regions across Eurasia and the Middle East. For example, 35% of respondents believe that mobile access to company systems are not important,” says Canon.

This resistance could apparently hold back progress.

“Understandably, many businesses are still cautious of integrating mobile and cloud technology into the office landscape,” says head of marketing at Canon SA’s Professional Print Group James de Waal.

“When done right, however, cloud technologies and mobile access can actually improve both security and productivity, allowing users to access lost data, helping to wipe machines remotely, or just enabling flexible working on-the- move,” de Waal adds.


[Image – CC 0 Pixabay]
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