Good news for all you aspiring buccaneers who signed up for Sea Of Thieves’s closed beta back in December.

Rare has announced you’ll be able to take to the virtual seven seas in search of plunder at the end of this month. The closed beta will run from January 24th at 1pm (local time) until January 29th at 9am (once again, local time). Those who signed up for the beta on by December 1st last year, or who pre-ordered the game, can start installing the game on their Xbox or PC on January 23rd.

In a post on the game’s official website, Rare has pointed out that the closed beta won’t give players access to every single feature the finished game will contain. Rather, this is going to be a pared down version in order to give players a good idea of what they’ll experience once the game’s finally released.

“We’ve crafted a bespoke experience for Closed Beta players that has been designed to give everyone a taste of the pirate life that they can expect in the full version of the game at release,” the post reads. “We won’t be testing the full game during the Closed Beta phase: we want to keep a good selection of things up our sleeves for players to discover at launch.”

Finally, there is some good news for streamers; the closed beta isn’t covered by any non-disclosure agreements (NDAs) so feel free to capture, stream and screenshot all you like.

Sea Of Thieves will see its full retail release on March 20th on Xbox and PC platforms.