It’s that time of year again – PornHub has revealed its yearly insights for 2017 and once again South Africa is amongst the top twenty countries that watch the most pornography.

South Africa placed 20th last year and this year we managed to collectively surpass Belgium.

Interestingly, PornHub reports that the Top 20 countries represent 80% of the websites daily traffic.

The most searched for terms on PornHub in 2017. Image – PornHub

Some of the insights revealed are also terribly interesting. Take “Time Spent Per Visit” for instance. South African’s spend an average of 11 minutes 2 seconds on the website, 29 seconds longer than our US counterparts but far less than the 13 minute 28 second average in the Philippines.

Even more interesting is that despite the cost of mobile data pain of locals visiting PornHub are doing so on a smartphone.

And the dirtiest console is…

According to the report users on the Playstation (the exact model isn’t specified) are more likely to visit PornHub than those on other consoles.

“Xbox’s share of console traffic dropped by 6% since 2016, while Playstation gained once again to now represent 56% of gamers watching porn. Nintendo’s portable 3DS had a large increase in market share but still only makes up 1% of game device traffic,” said PornHub.

Things are about to get strange

While PornHub has outlined the most searched for terms on its website per country it has also included the most searched for fictional characters.

Topping the list is Harley Quinn which was searched for 8.3 million times in 2017. Placing second is Wonder Woman at 6.1 million searches and finally Batman at 3.1 million searches.

It appears as if Marvel fans aren’t keen on seeing their heroes in the buff because the first set of heroes to appear on the list are The Avengers who were only searched for 2.4 million times.

Moving on to games, Overwatch characters appear to be the most desirable.

As many as 3.9 million searches for D.Va were conducted in 2017 followed closely by Mercy and Tracer who were searched for 2.7 million and 2.6 million times respectively.

Bizarrely Mileena from Mortal Kombat was searched for 1.6 million times. Hey, if a blood thirsty clone is your cup of tea who am I to judge.

Finally the biggest dip in traffic on PornHub in 2017 was 31st December where the site saw traffic drop by an average of 37%.

This is just a slice of the figures we found interesting and there are countless other figures to pour over. You can find the full report here, just maybe don’t read it at the office.