If you’re looking to put a Gundam model on your shelf without forking out for an expensive official kit, we may have the 3D print for you.

This specific version is the iconic RX-78-2 that has been remixed by user odelot from an existing design and was chosen after a few failed prints with other models on Thingiverse.

After using Meshmixer to remove the supports for a smaller printer and make a few more adjustments, we’ve been told that printing took around 30 hours when scaled down to 75%.

From here superglue and hot glue was used to put the parts together before it was primed and painted with acrylics. The finished model in the gallery below weighs in at 240 grams and is 24 centimetres tall.

If you zoom in you’ll see that it’s a bit on the rough side but, considering odelot doesn’t have much experience painting, it’s a great effort. Those experienced with Gunpla should have an easy time making their own.

To do that grab the free files available on Thingiverse and, if you’re feeling extra ambitious, you could even try adding some movement and lighting with an Arduino.

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