Universities that have reached full capacity during this year’s registration process are going to help walk-in applicants find places at other tertiary institutions.

Western Cape universities  announced in the last week that they will not accept walk-in applications, in response to the EFF’s call to recent matriculants to turn up at universities and demand free education.

According to a report on EWN, officials at the Department of Higher Educations met this week to implement a strategy to better handle this process.

Universities South Africa’s CEO Ahmed Bawa says that a more flexible approach to the registration process is being adopted and urged applicants to use the CACH (Central Applications Clearing House) system if they’re late in registering.

“We have the national centre for late applications‚ a reliable system that will ensure that students are matched to available spaces. It’s the right route to take and we urge students to use it,” Bawa said. “Students must understand that all of this is so they don’t stand on long queues in the sun.”

“On a daily basis, universities contact the CACH system and say these are the vacancies that are available,” Bawa told EWN.

A number of tertiary institutions saw an increased number of walk-in applications this week, following the EFF’s announcement at the beginning of the year. Around 200,000 matriculants are expected to apply to universities and colleges in 2018.