If you’re an artist, programmer, coder or creator interested in making videogames, you should mark your calendar for the Vega Game Jam, which kicks off at the end of this month.

Hosted by the Vega Educational Institute, the Vega Game Jam is part of the Global Game Jam, which takes place in various locations around the globe. For those not in the know, it’s essentially a hackathon in which developers are tasked with creating a playable game in a 48-hour timeframe.

In the past, numerous entrants in the Global Game Jam have produced results that became full retail releases – such as A Normal Lost Phone – while others have been greenlit on Steam and made appearances at international indie game festivals – such as A MAZE. It’s a must for any aspiring games developer.

While the hackathon is running, Vega will also be hosting a series of workshops, providing insights in games development and tips on the components that go into the process. Even if you’re not a coder or programmer, it’s worth going along as you may run into some fellow creative types who are keen to collaborate on a project.

The Vega Game Jam starts on January 26th and runs until January 28th, and locally it’ll be hosted on the Vega campuses in Cape Town and Johannesburg. For details on how to register for it, check out the Global Game Jam’s official website.