If you’re an avid King of Tokyo player that wants to add something more to the game, we have a collection of prints for you.

User firebirdman has turned the six original monsters from the game into 3D printed miniatures and kindly released the files so you can have them too.

All the monsters were modelled in blender, printed in ABS and then glued together using ABS slurry.

Painting was done with primer followed by an airbrushed base coat and the rest of the detailing done by hand with a brush. Each monster took anywhere between one and three hours to paint.

A big thanks to firebirdman for providing us with the details and images of the prints on this page. You can read more about the modelling process on their blog and the files to print your own can be found in the names of the monsters below, or you can go directly to Thingiverse.


Time to model: 20 hours

Time to print: 10 hours

Height: 114 millimetres

Cyber Bunny

Time to model: 30 hours

Time to print: 13 hours

Height: 122 millimetres (172mm with sword)


Time to model: 10 hours

Time to print: 12 hours

Height: 104 millimetres


Time to model: 15 hours

Time to print: 9 hours

Height: 102 millimetres

Meka Dragon

Time to model: 25 hours

Time to print: 13 hours

Height: 146 millimetres

The King

Time to model: 15 hours

Time to print: 9 hours

Height: 100 millimetres

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