With Elon Musk now in the merchandise game, we have a suggestion for what he can sell after the boring hats and flamethrowers: SpaceX droneship coasters.

He will hopefully pay some royalties to the maker who came up with this idea, username Dragonfly Fabrication.

They told us that the idea for the print came about after modelling shipping containers while working at an engineering firm. From here the deck and the rest of the barge was modelled using photographs and dimensions available online.

The design was then scaled down to a suitable coaster size and broken up into individual pieces for easier printing and painting. You’ll notice that the SpaceX logo is slightly indented so the paint doesn’t scrape off over time.

The version you see in the gallery below measures in at 148.5 X 84 X 15 millimetres, but you can always play with the scale to suit your beverage.

To make your own start with the free files hosted on Thingiverse. And, if you want to make something a bit more substantial, you can always print the Falcon Heavy itself.

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