Last week, Donald Trump caused something of a stir when he referred to Haiti and African nations as “sh*tholes”.

At a meeting with congress members at the White House, Trump was reported as saying, “why are we having all these people from shithole countries come here?”

The president then opined that the USA should focus its immigration efforts and legislation on countries like Norway.

The backlash was immediate and pretty open-and-shut, with many condemning the US president’s comments, stating bluntly that it’s the clearest indication that Trump is a blatant racist. While Trump denied this claim, it didn’t stop the weekend’s news cycle focussing on his comments and a lot of internet denizens decided to show the US president just how ticked off they were.

Trump’s DC hotel dropped from a five/four to a two star rating on Yelp at the weekend, as users posted one star reviews, labelling it a complete “sh*thole”.

The reviews posted on Yelp deserve a few props for referencing aspects about Trump that critics have been slating the US president for in the past. Fake reviews complained of “Russians in the lobby”, “pee on the sheets”, “steaks slathered in ketchup” and mini-bars filled with nothing other than “Big Macs and Diet Coke”. Check out this sample from Matthew O. from Columbus, Ohio:

“All of the white bed sheets had two holes cut in them. The showers were golden. The steaks were way over cooked and slathered in ketchup. I asked for bottled water instead I was force-fed a bucket of chicken and 8 Diet Cokes. This place is such a sh*thole.”

Yelp users also slagged off Trump’s hotels in Chicago, New York and Las Vegas. Yelp’s support team says it’s moving quickly to remove the fake reviews, so if you want a chuckle, you might want to head over there quickly before all of them are removed.

[Source: Gizmodo]