One of the stranger skins in Fortnite Battle Royale is the pink flamingo, and it looks even stranger after being made as a 3D print.

Andrew Lamson, who goes by The Ray Gun Project online, is to thank for this clever build which isn’t entirely printed. Like some of the Skyrim weapons we’ve featured in the past, this prop is based on a large wooden dowel to save on plastic and keep everything rigid.

Lamson tells us that he designed the printed parts in Onshape, a process that took around eight hours. Printing took considerably longer at 55 hours on a multi-material Prusa i3 MK2S.

Thanks to the i3’s size and ability to print in multiple colours, the only part of the project that required painting was the beaks.

The finished pickaxe stands at about one metre tall and 0.61 metres from beak to beak. You can, of course, play with these sizes by changing the length of dowel you buy or the scale of the print.

To make your own start with the free files hosted on Thingiverse. Make sure you read the attached bill of materials for links to the exact parts used here.

We also highly recommend the accompanying video which has a quick timelapse of the build and shows you how it was finished and painted.

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