The developers of Space Run, Passtech Games, have a new title in the works by the name of Masters of Anima, and it has a brand new gameplay trailer.

On first sight this looks like a summoning game where you’ll be conjuring up monsters (called Guardians here) to fight your battles and solve your puzzles.

The various descriptions of the game floating around say that you’ll be able to control up to 100 Guardians with the ultimate goal of defeating the big bad and rescuing your fiancée.

It looks interesting enough and the summoning mechanics reminded us of another upcoming game, God’s Gift. While God’s Gift is actually close to a Lemmings game, we are excited to see what these two titles have to offer when it comes to having ridiculous monsters under our employ.

Masters of Anima is set to launch on all three consoles (PS4, Xbox One and Switch) as well as PC in the US Spring of this year.