Fans of Dota 2 as an esport likely already know who Tobi ‘Tobiwan’ Dawson is, but did you know he’s launched his own cryptocurrency platform? Yes really.

Dubbed BestMeta, the platform is meant to tackle some of the problems in esports and the gaming community at large.

Some of the wrongs BestMeta hopes to right include a lack of transparency, no financial sustainability, a lack of direct involvement from the community and a lack of quality content brought about by restrictions created by industry heavyweights.

The platform hopes to overcome these problems through use of blockchain technology and cryptocurrency in the form of BestMeta Tokens.

The idea is that fans buy BestMeta Tokens which they can then use to fund their favourite gamers. To describe it as simply as possible it resembles Patreon only with BestMeta you use volatile cryptocurrency instead of cash.

BestMeta Tokens will be available during a pre-sale from15th to 28th February. Thereafter unsold tokens will be made available from 1st to 31st March.

Creators are also able to pitch shows to the community and the community can fund these ideas or not. In fact, BestMeta has created a game show about games to exemplify this though the show was funded by the platform.

In a report by Forbes the initial valuation of BestMeta Token is $0.60 per token.

The BestMeta token uses the Ethereum blockchain platform and tokens can be purchased with a credit card, Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin.

Naturally we must point out that nobody, not even BestMeta, can guarantee a return on investment in cryptocurrency. Never invest more than you can afford to lose.

If supporting gamers sounds like an investment you want to make you can head over to the BestMeta website for a wealth of information.

[Image – BestMeta]