Without spoiling any of The Last Jedi, there’s a new piece of tech in the homing beacon, and the maker community has already recreated it as a 3D print.

Bart van der Westerlaken is to thank for this design which, he tells us, took him around three and a half hours to design.

This is even more impressive when you consider that he did this while learning how to use Fusion 360, and basing the design off of a single reference picture with a lot of guesswork going into the dimensions.

The final size of the print you can see in the gallery below is 60 X 45 X 20 millimetres which took just about three hours to print out on an Ultimaker 2+.

van der Westerlaken admits that the finishing process was a bit rushed with only certain parts being smoothed out with both sandpaper and steel wool.

From here the beacon was primed and painted with airbrush acrylics. The base is a silver and gun metal, with detailing done in gold and dark blue with some gloss and weathering to finish it off.

To make your own prop from The Last Jedi, you’ll need the free files hosted on Thingiverse as well as some some painted wire for the finer detailing.

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