Good news for folks looking to sell their second-hand goods online – Facebook’s Marketplace will soon be available in South Africa.

We say soon because the Facebook App is being rolled out to South Africans over a two week period, so if you don’t see it now keep an eye on your App menu for the option in the coming weeks.

The Marketplace was designed as a way for buyers and sellers to meet on Facebook. It’s currently available in 47 countries and as many as 550 million people use it according to the social network.

Naturally there are some limitations to what can be sold. These prohibited items include drugs, tobacco products, unsafe supplements, weapons, and animals. There is a list of prohibited items on its policy page.

As with many classified services there are some precautions one should take when buying second hand items. Facebook suggests buyers and sellers meet in a public place for a sale and that buyers inspect the items carefully before paying.

Another safety tip the social network suggests is updating your Facebook profile’s privacy settings so that potential buyers aren’t able to see more about you than you’d like them too.

[Image – CC BY SA 2.0 Esther Vargas]