If you own a custom version of Catan with tiles which aren’t exactly flat, one maker has created the perfect storage solution to put the pieces away neatly.

User gthanatos tells us that this print was created to store a magnetic version of the game available on Thingiverse. Because these tiles can’t be stacked, and have much thicker bases to accommodate the magnets, a new design was needed.

We’ve been told that remixing the design from another user took only around two hours, with another two hours needed to do specific resizing, all done in Tinkercad.

Each container holds four tiles, so six of them were printed out to accommodate the collection of 24. We’ve been told that they take between two and four hours to complete, and can be left unfinished and unpainted as they’re not meant for display.

Like the game this print is meant to hold, the files are also available for free from Thingiverse.

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