While it’s been confirmed that South Africa will be getting Nintendo Labo on 27th April, the exact price locals will be paying for the cardboard has been a mystery, until online retailer Raru revealed it.

In a newsletter sent out to subscribers, Raru links to a splash page for all three Nintendo Labo products. The prices are exactly what I predicted them to be, but I still would have liked to see them a bit cheaper considering the rand’s current strength.

The three products are all discounted between five and eight percent for pre-order, but we’ll be looking at the full prices they’re listed for:

Toy-Con 01 Variety Kit – R999 (US price $69.99)

Toy-Con 02 Robot Kit – R1 199 (US price $79.99)

Labo Customisation Set – R199 (US price $9.99)

There’s two big caveats to consider when looking at these listings. Firstly, they may not reflect the RRP, so you may be paying more or less depending on where you shop. As these are the first local prices we’ve found, and the actual RRPs have not been revealed yet, it’s still a good benchmark.

Secondly, Raru has these up with an expected date of 30th April, three days after the previously mentioned release date.