Local company Filament Factory – which sells everything you need to get 3D printing – has just started a crowdfunding campaign to bring cheap PLA filament to the masses.

The campaign is hoping to use money raised to directly import the raw plastic and pass the savings of doing so onto customers.

The cheapest tier you can buy into is R195 which gets you a single one kilogram spool of PLA filament in your choice of colour with 32 to pick from.

Next up the line is R950 for a five kilogram spool, and from there you’ll be putting in more money for more plastic in a mix of weights.

At the very top there’s a R80 000 tier which will get you a whopping 500 spools, each one kilogram in weight.

As with all crowdfunding, even those taking place within our borders, we do have to provide the requisite warnings. There’s no guarantee that the money you’re putting in will produce anything at all, and even if your product does arrive it may not be what you wanted.

Do not pledge anything you’re not willing to lose but do note that the platform being used – Thundafund – works on an  ‘All-Or-Nothing’ basis, which means that your pledge will be refunded if the campaign is not successful.

Filament Factory was one of the sponsors in the recent project to 3D print something new for every single day of 2017. Tom Van den Bon, the maker behind that endeavour, tells us that he used this sponsorship to make the giant LEGO go-kart you can see below:

[Image – CC 2.0 By Maurizio Pesce]