Many will describe Elon Musk as eccentric and let’s face it he’s sort of earned the right to be.

The latest in products brought to us from the bowels of Musk’s mind is a flamethrower. Yes, a flamethrower.

When we first saw the gun we thought it was a joke but according to CNN not only is it real but it’s Musk’s way of securing funding for The Boring Company.

The flamethrower is currently available for $500 (~R5 900) with an expected delivery date of Spring which is Autumn here in the Southern Hemisphere.

The firm is also selling a fire extinguisher (sold separately) for $30.

For those crazy enough to buy one of these there are only 20 000 ‘throwers available so you best get your order in quickly.

Why would anybody want or need one of these? Among the uses list by Musk are roasting nuts, killing off zombies and having fun.


This is the second time The Boring Company has sold merchandise in a bid to secure funding for its ventures. Last year the firm sold hats for $20 (~R239) a pop though flamethrowers are a touch more dangerous than a hat.

At time of writing 7 000 Flamethrowers had been ordered already and as the day wears on we’re sure that number will continue to grow.

And for those wondering South African laws don’t expressly prohibit the sale or ownership of flamethrowers though we would check with your local authorities before dropping close on R6 000 for Musk’s latest product.