Those who have always been interested in speedrunning but have never taken the time to get properly involved in the community have a great YouTube channel to check out in Summoning Salt.

This channel’s videos usually focus on a single game and its history of being run, going through the years of its times being lowered until it eventually ends with the current world record.

It’s a very entertaining, and easy to follow, way to learn about this hobby without being too invested, and it’s been a gateway for me personally to get into the scene.

With that introduction to the channel out of the way, its latest upload breaks the mould by instead looking at a single level of Super Mario Bros., instead of the entire game.

Level 4-2 takes just a handful of seconds to complete, but the 20 minute video below really is needed to explain everything that has been squeezed out of it.

From pixel-perfect jumps to tool assisted tricks that no human can accomplish to a user literally named “xx_420_blazit_xx” finding new routes, it has everything you expect from speedrunning.