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Chelsea Manning has her eye on a seat in the US Senate

Former solider Chelsea Manning has declared that she will be running for a seat in the US Senate.

After filing her intention to run for a senate seat during the Democratic primary election in Maryland later this year, Manning made her decision public by way of a YouTube video.

“We don’t need more — or better leaders. We need someone willing to fight,” says Manning in the video.

Supporters are able to make donations to Manning and her #WeGotThis campaign.

The 30 year old is known globally for leaking 700 000 cables, war logs and videos to WikiLeaks in 2010. This eventually led to Manning’s imprisonment where she was meant to serve a 35 year sentence. Former president Barack Obama commuted her sentence last year just before leaving office.

While many have wished Manning luck many more are questioning whether having a convicted leaker in government is a good idea. One Twitter user questioned “why would we allow a whistleblower in our office” and that is among the tamest of the comments.

Whether or not Manning will be successful is not something we’re qualified to comment on but it is interesting that somebody that was convicted by the government for exposing the horrible secrets they kept has the goal of fixing said government.

Good luck Chelsea.

[Image – CC BY ND 2.0 torbakhopper]

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