While we’ve featured a lot of great 3D printed deck boxes for Magic: The Gathering in the past, we’ve never seen one created specifically for an expansion, until this piarte-themed chest for Ixalan.

User Roboticide tells us that the design took them around 10 hours to model over the period of several weeks with at least one major revision going into it before being published.

Aside from housing cards, it has other features. To open the box you’ll need to turn the wheel (which can also be used as a 1-20 life counter) and then slide out the miniature cutlass which acts as a lock.

The 20 odd pieces that went into the finished model in the gallery below were printed out in PLA at 0.2mm. After a few layers of filler primer was added it was painted with acrylics.

Not including some of the decorations, the box itself measures in at 150 x 110 x 125 millimetres.

Roboticide says that this should fit 100 sleeved cards, and you can see a 60 card deck fitting in perfectly. You can, of course, always play around with the sizing to fit exactly the amount of cards you need.

To make your own you’ll need the files from Thingiverse as well as a few extra parts from the craft store for details such as the feather.

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