We’ve seen 3D prints of weapons and armour from The Lord of the Rings, but now we have something much more substantial to look at in this recreation of Minas Tirith.

The version you see in the gallery below, created by user “Claven Moo“, is actually a remix of an existing model. The original is a 3D scan of the structure from a DVD collectable.

Instead of going for accuracy in terms of colour, this print was made to sit on top of a light base  so the detailing would be illuminated. To do this Minas Tirith was printed in white at 150% scale, a process that took around 39 hours.

The finished print is 180 x 200 x 250 millimetres and the scale and light effect can be better seen in this short video.

To make your own, start with the files for Minas Tirith itself on Thingiverse. If you’d like to make a version that lights up, you’ll also need to print out a base (also available on Thingiverse) and you’ll have to wire in some kind of light source from there.

And if you’re still in the mood for maker projects from The Lord of the Rings, check out an animatronic Sauron.

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