Harry Potter maker projects are some of the most fun out there as people try to replicate magic with tech, and this pair of Spectrespecs is no exception.

Created by the talented young maker from the YouTube channel Purple Oranji, these aren’t a full set of spectacles on their own, but are instead add-ons for the Adafruit NeoPixel goggles.

The 3D printed portion, we’ve been told, was modelled in a single afternoon using a picture of a prop for reference.

From there printing took six hours for both sides with a florescent pink PLA being used to avoid painting and to add some glow when the LEDs were turned on.

The final size of the frames are  95.5 X 84.9 X 19.5 millimetres and were designed to fit onto these specific goggles with a 0.5 millimetre difference so they don’t sit too tight.

To make your own start with the files available for free on Thingiverse and then watch the accompanying video to see how it comes together.

The video also shows how the pattern on the front and the bending of the sides were accomplished. Make sure you also read the description or a bill of materials and links to get the exact components used.

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