A new week means a new africast and we, as always, have a mix of stories from the world of tech and entertainment.

I start us off with a game releasing next week in Kingdom Come: Deliverance. I got to sit down with two of the developers to find out how exactly they make loot exciting in an RPG with no fantasy elements. The full interview can be found in the links below, but I do my best to sum it up in a few minutes.

Next up Nick tells us about Altered Carbon – a new hardboiled Netflix sci-fi show – without any spoilers, ending with something of a mini review. We also briefly touch on some other Netflix content such as Damnation and The Punisher.

Finally Brendyn tells us about some happenings in the world of cryptocurrency and criminals are using malware to get their hands on magical internet money.

Stories in this htxt.africast

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