Well here’s a turn out for the books.

After facing increased water restrictions and warnings that failure to save water may result in a ‘Day Zero’ scenario, Capetonians have heard that there’s no scientific basis for this eventuality. Yes, really.

Day Zero, incidentally, is the term Cape Town authorities have been using to describe the day the Mother City runs out of water, and citizens are forced to queue up for daily allowances of water in the street.

However, the term came under fire in Parliament yesterday, with Cooperative Governance Minister Des van Rooyen announcing his belief that there is no scientific basis for it, and rather, it’s open to a variety of interpretations. He also said he believes municipalities in the region need to simplify their communication about the water shortage to avoid confusion.

“We don’t want to communicate ambiguity, we don’t want to communicate messages that will confuse people,” EWN reports van Rooyen as saying.

The Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) also voiced concerns about Day Zero, saying that it was a scare mongering tactic being used by authorities and that the water shortage in Cape Town has been exaggerated.

“I think this fear mongering is ridiculous and I think it is inhumane what the City of cape Town has done,” the EFF’s Nazier Paulsen said.

All of this will likely be news to the group of scientists who addressed the National Press Club in Pretoria yesterday, to point out that Day Zero won’t be averted unless the city stops releasing water from its system into the sea.