An app has just launched locally could prove to be a real asset for businesses, accountants, lawyers and even students interested in South African tax law.

The app, which is called hApp-e-tax, is available on tablets and smartphones and has been designed to make information about South Africa’s tax legislation easily accessible.

Developed by local tax consultant Herschel Alpert, hApp-e-tax includes the Income Tax Act, the Tax Administration Act, interpretation and practice notes, a comprehensive definitions list and space for notes and folders.

“I know only too well the issues faced by South African tax professionals in getting tax information fast,” Alpert says. “The world has moved beyond flicking through books, pamphlets and clunky, slow websites which can be hard to search.”

“The app aims to provide a comprehensive tax information base that is easy to navigate with an intuitive search engine to make finding information really easy without an internet connection. hApp-e-tax’s sophisticated search engine has been designed to understand what the user is looking for and to provide core tax information immediately.”

hApp-e-tax is available for both iOS and Android on a free trial basis for three months. If you like what you see after that, you’ll be charged a subscription fee of R489 a year. If that sounds expensive, bear two things in mind: first, tax handbooks are priced higher than that as they’re specialised works (some cost over R800) and second, hApp-e-tax will automatically update if there are any tax legislation changes.