Good news for all you stealth fans.

If you happen to have a copy of Splinter Cell: Conviction for the Xbox 360 gathering dust in the cupboard because you can’t be bothered to plug in your old console, you can now slot it into your Xbox One. Yup, Splinter Cell: Conviction has now joined Microsoft’s backwards compatibility programme.

Now, this news wouldn’t normally merit its own story, but Ubisoft have decided to make a rather tasty offer to those players who don’t already own a copy of this game. Newbies can snap up a copy of Splinter Cell: Conviction from the Xbox shop at a 50% discount. You’ll have to move fast, though; the discount on this game is only being offered until February 12th.

If you’ve never played the game – or if you’re not particularly enamoured with the stealth genre as a whole – Splinter Cell: Conviction is probably one of the best gateways into the series.

Splinter Cell: Conviction kicks off with the franchise’s protagonist, Sam Fisher, going rogue and hunting down the people who killed his daughter.

The action here is far more fast-paced than in earlier entries and in some scenarios the game plays more like a tactical shooter than it does a true blue stealth game. Naturally this put off a few of the faithful, but for a lot of players, it was a welcome shot in the arm for a series that had suffered a speed wobble in years previously.

If you still need convincing check out the trailer below.