Horizon Zero Dawn has received a lot of love in the maker community, and that continues today with a miniature of the Scorcher from The Frozen Wilds expansion.

The man behind this model is none other than Théo Domon who we featured last year for similar recreations of seven other machines. If you want your own Thunderjaw, Tallneck or Deathbringer, see our previous story.

Domon tells us that he modelled the Scorcher in Blender, a process that took around 40 hours including texture work with the Substance suite.

Even if you’re not interested in the print, we recommend checking out the highly detailed render to see how well the machine was made using game screenshots for reference.

Printing itself took 35 hours at 0.2mm layer height using ABS before it was painted using standard acrylics. The final model, which measures in at a rather large 29 X 14 X 19 centimetres, can be seen in the gallery below along with the fresh print without paint and the render.

To make your own start with the files hosted on Thingiverse. While you’re there browse through the rest of Domon’s uploads or his ArtStation account to see his previous projects.

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