Of the hundreds of Overwatch 3D prints we’ve seen in the past, this miniature of Pharah may be the best one yet as it could pass as something from Sideshow or Hot Toys.

User Mizukii created this impressive piece by starting with an unrigged model they found online. Using Mixamo to add rigging it was then exported to 3ds Max where Pharah was placed in her victory pose.

From here all the model’s holes needed to be filled to make a solid print, so Mizukii spent hours smoothing it out and making considerations for the printing.

They initially considered adding smoke from Pharah’s hoverjets so the print could connect to the base, but instead decided to add the Overwatch logo to make the connection.

From here the printing could finally be done on an Ultimaker 2+ at 0.1mm. Mizukii tells us that they started with the legs – which came out just fine – but had to reprint the arms over and over again as they kept lifting from the printing bed.

After some supports were added this problem was fixed and the finished parts began the process of being primed and sanded until they were smooth.

Painting was done using the expensive Citadel line along with airbrushing. To get that metallic blue look Mizukii used silver as a base and the airbrushed regular blue over that, a compromise that was done as they did not have any suitable metallic colours on hand.

We’ve been told that the rest was “basic colour, shading and highlighting” but this paint job is what really makes this an amazing print.

To try and make your own, start with the files hosted for free on Thingiverse. Make sure you have enough filament to print this one out as the finished version on this page measures in at 36 centimetres tall.

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