Dead Space is one of the best horror games ever made. This is a fact.

When it was dropped all those years ago back in 2009 (yes, you really are that old!) it came barreling out of left field. With very little fanfare ahead of its release, it took the best of survival horror, sci-fi horror tropes and a story that was more than a little derivative and managed to rise above the sum of its influences.

It was both critically acclaimed and sold very respectably because it was – and is – that damn good. Its sequel was brilliant too. The third instalment was not.

Because it’s Valentine’s Day, EA is offering this fantastic scare-fest for free. Well, we’re assuming the offer has something to do with V-Day. After all, you probably couldn’t find a more anti-V Day game if you tried. Well, apart from Manhunt, and that’s not being offered in any sort of deal at the moment.

The catch, though, is you have to have an Origin account in order to qualify for this deal. Yes, we know it’s a bit of a pain, but in this case it’s truly worth it.

Dead Space has aged very well; from the disturbing enemies to the searing sound effects to the fact that checking your menu leaves you open to attack, this game is by turns disturbing, terrifying and flat out brilliant. If you have no plans for international couple’s day you could do worse – and let’s be honest, you couldn’t do a hell of a lot better.

Go to the Origin store page to pick it up.