While there’s hundreds of different sonic screwdrivers out there for you to print, this version by user Marco3D may be the most feature packed.

Aside from being a very convincing scale replica of the the tenth Doctor’s sonic screwdriver, it has light effects and a telescoping head.

Marco3D tells us that this was designed for a contest in around two weeks in Fusion 360, going through many design and print iterations. It unfortunately didn’t win, but the results are still very impressive.

Once happy with the design it took around five hours to print out resulting in a prop that is about 16 centimetres long. The top cap was done in a mix of blue and clear PLA so the LED beneath it would let some light though.

That LED comes from a bicycle light which is easy to come by in the Netherlands where this project was put together. Some sanding and spray paint finish it off and gives you something very convincing in motion:

If all that isn’t enough for you, there’s an added bonus that comes with this print in the form of a decorative box.

It measures in at 18 X 9.5 X 6 centimetres, with the one in the gallery below also featuring some padding to keep the print pristine.

This version was also printed out with ColorFabb Woodfill filament to give it a more authentic look, but you can use whatever you have on hand, or omit the box entirely.

The files for box the sonic screwdriver and its box are available on MyMiniFactory. If you’re printing your own make sure you read the documentation which is included with the download files.

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