It has been a turbulent day for politics in South Africa and it has only just begun.

In case you missed the news (though we aren’t sure how you did) South African president Jacob Zuma became the former president after resigning late on 14th February.

The national assembly is now tasked with electing a new president today when Parliament opens at 2PM.

The proceedings will be streamed live through the Parliament of the Republic of South Africa YouTube Channel. We’ve embedded the stream below.

While the National Assembly is meant to vote for a new president today, if the past few years in Parliament are anything to go by the proceedings may devolve into a squabble.

The Democratic Alliance has called for the National Assembly to be dissolved saying it “has failed in its duties to uphold the Constitution”.

The Economic Freedom Fighters have mirrored the DA’s sentiments and said that they will call for a dissolution of Parliament as soon as possible.

Get that popcorn going, this afternoon should be interesting.