It seems the Lord of the Rings community has been busy as of late, because we have another project to feature so shortly after the 3D printed Minas Tirith.

Like that Minas Tirith, these scale recreations of the Doors of Durin feature LEDs so you can use them as a light source or just a decorative piece.

To that end the creator of the project, Jukka Seppänen, has actually created two different versions depending on the size and amount of light you want.

The larger of the two (195 X 114 X 156 millimetres) was printed in a white PLA that lets the internal RGB LEDs light up most of the print.

If you prefer a lot more detail and a lot less light, these smaller Doors of Durin (124 X 73 X 100 millimetres) were printed with the same filament, but they were painted.

Seppänen tells us that this was a “simple model painting procedure” with a base colour, highlights, a wash and finally some dry brushing. Some final bits of model foliage were also added for some touches of green.

The doors themselves, however, remained unpainted like the larger model to let some light through.

The files to make your own can be found on MyMiniFactory and, if you have some jewellery lying around, this is a perfect place to put it.

The tree branches intentionally jut out so you can hang small items on them, making it the perfect place for the One Ring.

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