The Destiny 2 community continues to pump out fantastic, full-size recreations of the guns from the game, and that continues today with this MIDA Multi-Tool.

User fargle2nd tells us that the base of this model comes from the Destiny STL Generator. From here the model was run through Meshmixer to slice it into smaller chunks, and Netfabb’s online service to make it printable.

Once printed in PLA (a process that took 80 hours) and glued together with two-part epoxy, various pieces of detailing were added with traditional prop making. Real bolts, leather straps and painted o-rings can be found on this prop. There’s also a piece of acrylic used for the scope.

Painting was done with spray paints and airbrush with some significant weathering going into it after that. fargle2nd states that, because it’s used so much in the Crucible of Destiny 2, it would be pretty battered by now.

To make your own start with the files hosted on MyMiniFactory. You’re going to be needed a lot of filament as the finished version on this page measures in at 70 centimetres long and 1.3 kilograms heavy.

If the Multi-Tool isn’t your speed, the ColdheartSkyburner’s OathTrue ProphecyDrang and Rat King have all been printed too.

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