Back in August 2017 a new update was announced for Enter the Gungeon called Advanced Gungeons & Draguns, and we’ve heard little of it since.

Thankfully the developers have taken to Reddit to talk about what’s going on with the update and why it’s taken so long to see the light of day.

You can read the full post here, but the two big problems were the Switch port, and indecision about content.

The post explains that, while the team did have help with the port, parts of the team still needed to work on “very low-level restructuring”. This could only be done in a reasonable amount of time by the original developers.

On top of this parts of the game needed to be rewritten for the Switch, including loading and storing objects in memory. This did come with the added benefit of reducing the game’s file size (from around a gigabyte to only 300 megabytes) and this change will come to other ports of the game.

Focusing specifically on the Advanced Gungeons & Draguns update, scope creep reared its ugly head as it started to include more and more content that was earmarked for future updates.

This too has a silver lining, as it means the team is ahead of schedule for future content, but behind on Advanced Gungeons & Draguns.

The update is set to release in “more than a week and less than four months”, so we’ll be playing in June at the very latest.

We’re still religiously playing this game and suggest that you pick it up with or without this new content. Check out our review and beginner’s guide if you’re thinking about picking it up.