Today we don’t have a single 3D print to share, but rather three which work together to make a single cosplay from The Orville.

User Shipbrook is responsible for the designs – a collection of division insigniasrank epaulettes and sleeve devices (which seem to be used as intercoms on the show).

Shipbook tells us that the process for modelling and printing each piece was the same: modelled in Blender and then exported as a STL, converted to G-code with Cura, then printed via OctoPrint on an a Ultimaker 2+ in white PLA.

Each piece varied in difficulty to recreate. The sleeve device was the simplest, only taking 15 minutes to model. On the other end of the scale the epaulettes took a few hours and all three used various references from screenshots, concept art and marketing material.

You can see each element of the costume in the gallery below and the final result where they come together after being finished and painted.

To make your own find the models all hosted for free on Thingiverse.

You can also choose from four different options to denote rank for the epaulettes, and there’s also your choice of insignia between command, engineering, medical and security.

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