The Raspberry Pi is having its sixth birthday soon, and there’s a South African gathering of enthusiasts to celebrate the day.

This forms part of a worldwide celebration of Raspberry Jam events taking place around the world during the birthday weekend.

It’s being organised by the same people who brought us the first official meetup last year, and it will follow a similar structure. Bring your Pi-based project, show it off in a short demo and the judges will come back to pick a winner.

While prizes have not yet been announced, the theme of education has. “How you are using your project to empower education? This could be a RaspberryPi project that has an educational aspects as a core focus,” the official description reads, “Or, that your Pi project empowers other makers with an online guide and/or publicly available source code.”

These maker meetups are a lot more than a simple show and tell as it’s a great way to meet other local tinkerers. After judging the previous year’s projects, we highly encourage everyone to attend.

Raspberry Pi Big Birthday weekend details: