With Thor: Ragnarok now available to watch at home, we’re sure to see an increase in maker projects from the movie as people finally have a way to get reliable reference material.

The first one we’ve seen following this is the Crown of Surtur. We won’t spoil what this specific item is or what it is sued for in the movie, but don’t be surprised if you see this replicated more in the future (it’s already been done in foam).

Jisoo Kim, however, is the one responsible for this 3D printed version. Kim tells us that the model took around two days to model in ZBrush before it was printed in resin, which took around five hours.

Thanks to that printing method, there’s a lot of detail here despite the version on this page only being 100 X 26 X 82 centimetres.

Because of the small size sanding will be difficult if you print it at the same scale, so Kim recommends something like a vapour chamber to smooth it out.

While this version isn’t painted, we think it still looks great because of the monochrome look of the one in the movie. We do hope someone prints this together with an Eternal Flame base, complete with some fire detailing.

To make your own simply download the files from MyMiniFactory and get printing.

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