The long list of Super Mario Bros. 3D prints gets a new entry today with this faithful recreation of Toadette thanks to maker Bruno Maia.

You may have seen this name before, as it’s the same person who made the excellent prints of both Boo and, of course, Toad himself.

To make Toadette, Maia tells us that he spent around two weeks perfecting the design in Fusion 360, fine tuning details and testing out prints before remodelling.

Printing was done at 0.2mm and took around 35 hours. After the 46 different parts were glued together, the print was finished.

That’s because the model is sliced according to colour so you can avoid painting if you have the required (by our count) six different colours of filament. You can bump that up to seven if you want the main body to be a different shade to the head.

To make your own start with the files from MyMiniFactory. You can see what the print will look like in the gallery below, measuring in at 130 X 90 X 83 millimetres. To add in even more detail, it is suggested that you print at 0.1mm.

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