The newest Overwatch 3D print isn’t a full-size prop or a scaled miniature of a character, instead it’s a piece of wall art with the all important RGB lighting.

Maker Michael Tran created this project as a simple idea that was modelled in Fusion 360 over the course of a few weeks through some lost progress, eventually banging out the entire design in around three hours.

When it came time to print different colours of filament were chosen both to avoid painting, and to let the light aspect shine through.

It’s mostly a solid black for the front and some kind of clear or translucent choice for the back and the notch at the top, which is illuminated in yellow for the official logo.

Printing took around 24 hours resulting in a logo that is 30 centimetres in diameter, after which the LEDs were added.

Tran tells us that he used some spare RGB LEDs from a previous project, which were a cheap direct import from China. Whatever lighting and controller you use is entirely up to you, however.

To make your own you’ll need the files from Thingiverse, around 600 grams of filament and a bunch of LEDs, if you want it to look as good as the example in the gallery below.

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