Last year Blizzard added cards to its Hall of Fame set which restricts them from being used in the Standard game format.

The same thing is happening this year when the Hearthstone calendar rolls from the Year of the Mammoth to the newly announced Year of the Raven.

The first card being inducted into the Hall of Fame is the Mage secret – Ice Block. As Blizzard says, the card has become a staple in Mage decks and it’s time to change things up.

Quote the Raven, nevermore. Except in Wild.

The next card is Coldlight Oracle. This three-mana minion with the Battlecry – Each player draws 2 cards is problematic. For one it provides strong ncard draw for a neutral card and perhaps more problematic some classes are able to use the card to destroy an opponents deck by over-drawing them.

The final card leaving Standard play is a bizarre one – Molten Giant.

While the card is not problematic (unless you’re playing a Wild game with Naga Sea Witch) Blizzard is backtracking a change it made a few years ago and putting the card in the Hall of Fame. Molten Giant will once again cost 20 mana allowing players to experiment with the card in a semi-viable way.

These cards are still playable in Standard right now but when the Year of the Raven launches they will be restricted to Wild play only.

Players will get the full Arcane dust value for each playable card in their collection and they will get to keep the card.

When does the Year of the Raven kick off? We aren’t sure right now but Blizzard will be hosting a Q&A session about the upcoming rotation (and hopefully the next set) this Friday on the Hearthstone stream.

If you have any questions for game director Ben Brode or lead producer Yong Woo you can head to the Hearthstone website and leave your questions there.

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