Make your own RuneScape ring of kinship with 3D printing

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Of the hundreds of 3D prints we’ve featured so far, we’ve never looked at a ring or anything from RuneScape, so let’s do both today.

This ring of kinship print was created by John Bussell, who tells us that he wanted to replicate something from the game with an intricate design.

Bussell used his own finger to measure out a band and then spent around four hours modelling the details in, making the recessed areas slightly deeper to give the print more depth.

Printing took a few attempts due to a loss of details, so this small design was spliced into different pieces. The finished one you see on this page has a 2mm thick band, is 24mm in diameter and 12mm in height.

Once glued together and sanded, the Citadel paint range was used, which we also recently saw in the impressive Overwatch print of Pharah.

To make your own start with the free files on Thingiverse, but be weary of the size. It was made to fit a specific finger, so you will probably need to play around with the scale to make it fit.

Alternatively, it is being sold without paint on Shapeways, staring at $4 for a plastic print. You could even choose platinum, if you don’t mind blowing $1 800 on a videogame novelty item.

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Clinton Matos

Clinton Matos

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